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"Stepping Into Tomorrow: A Vision For Baltimore’s Vacant Shells" Limited space available, please RSVP at ASPIREhomes@live.com 


ASPIREhomes, LLC Open House Series Presents


A Vision For Baltimore City’s Vacant Shells

ASPIREhomes, LLC, a Baltimore based custom home building firm, invites you to join our Open House Series “Stepping Into Tomorrow”.  The series is designed to showcase our first model, “The Langston” designed to creatively address the lifestyle needs of today’s urban professional family in Baltimore’s newly emerging communities.  Each Open House will feature a local expert speaker discussing various topics related to urban redevelopment. The series will take place in historic Reservoir Hill, Baltimore Spring 2013.  We are please to have community support from WEAA 88.9 Radio and Sherwin Williams Paints.  All guest wishing to attend our free event are asked to RSVP at ASPIREhomes@live.com.


Founded 2003, ASPIREhomes, LLC, a Baltimore-based custom home building firm has been transforming blighted abandoned row homes into beautiful homes for families in Baltimore’s newly emerging urban communities.  Our first model, The Langston, was renovated with the assistance of federal and local city tax-credit programs, and has served as our prototype model for contemporary urban living.  Our goal is to challenge families to rethink the modern family lifestyle in Baltimore’s urban neighborhoods, and encourage more professionals and home-based entrepreneurs to live downtown. “The plan is a multi-culturally attempt to bring healing to communities, by equipping families with all the essentials needed to thrive in diverse communities.  A task rooted a tradition, which leaves no other option, and where better to create real change, than in my hometown Baltimore?” says Sarsfield Williams, Jr. for ASPIREhomes.

In celebration of the artistic and historic contributions of the African-American community, we are honored at ASPIREhomes to introduce, The Langston, named after the prolific artist, social activist and writer Langston Hughes.  The scope of his lifetime body of work was firmly rooted in cultural pride.  He believed that art should be accessible to as many people as possible and he displayed a profound love of humanity, especially African-Americans. 

In this spirit, the primary function of the home’s design is to inspire creativity, stimulate lifetime learning, and encourage both mental and spiritual health. Our goal is to license the model, which will help strengthen the financial fabric of America’s most impoverished communities.  We hope to lead by example and be a seed that inspires, challenges and encourages families to make the choice to return to urban communities, renovate strategically in emerging neighborhoods, live well and engage in improving the lives of members of their communities.  

WEAA 88.9 FM Morgan State Radio

Morgan State University’s WEAA 88.9 FM is a not-for-profit, public radio station, with over 125,000 weekly listeners and the leading provider of jazz, blues, gospel, Caribbean, world beat, news and public affairs programming, serving Baltimore and  the surrounding area.  We welcome, need and value the support of our underwriters — our partners in serving Baltimore area communities. It is the sustained support of individuals and organizations that provides the station resources to offer listeners and members’ exposure to ever- evolving programming that educates, elevates, and entertains.  WEAA is home to the Wealthy LifeStyle Radio with Financial Planner Deborah  Owens. www.deborahowens.com

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